Three Big Things

First steps worth looking at today:

  1. Recycled Cardboard.
    Using a proportion of pre-recycled cardboard in your products is a simple way to cut down on carbon emissions, and one that your manufacturer will likely have as an available option.
    For next steps, consider increasing the proportion of recycled cardboard and making your paper and cardboard usage into products that can themselves be recycled.

2. Reduced Plastic
Plastic miniatures are the big ticket item here, but there are several ways to reduce plastic in your products: cutting custom inserts and using alternate packaging materials can also help reduce the carbon cost of your products.

3. Localised Production
Local manufacture simply isn’t feasible for many companies, as the facilities to cope with large scale or specialist orders might not exist near to you. However, it’s worth checking; your suppliers may have in-country facilities, or particularly if you’re a small-scale publisher then local facilities or print-on-demand options may be feasible.